Binary Secret Code ยป FAQ

Q: What is the binary secret code?
A: It is actually the algorithms the big binary options platforms and brokers use to get you to lose money.

Q: Does this Cost Anything?
A: No, the service is totally free. However, you would have to register an account with a recommended broker in order to use it.

Q: What Contract Types and Expiry Types Can The Signals Be Used For?
A: The signals are good for 60 seconds, 5 minutes, 10, and 15 minute contracts, as well as all other intermediate and long term contracts.

Q: How Much Money Can I Make With This Software?
A: If you open a new account and start trading you can average around $500-$1,000 daily in conservative terms.

Q: Do I Have to Download Anything?
A: No, the software is web-based.

Q: How Easy is it to Use the Software?
A: Very easy, just copy the trades and collect your cash.

Q: How Much Should I Withdraw?
A: Never cash out more than $5,000 from each broker.